hope-connellI’m Hope Connell.  I live in Duluth, Minnesota with my music therapist husband and two fearless toddlers.

I am a self-taught WordPress developer with a Bachelor’s in English from Southern Illinois University.  I had worked online doing writing and teaching when I decided it was time to try something new.  After building and abandoning a number of WordPress websites (each for a different business idea that I had), I realized how much I enjoyed coding and launching website projects.  I got serious about learning how to become a web developer and signed up with Team Treehouse.

I went through Team Treehouse’s Web Developer, WordPress Developer, and PHP Developer tracks before launching my freelance business in January 2014. In early 2015, I was offered a position as a junior developer for Splendidly Curious, a small creative agency based in New York state.  I work remotely and have since phased out my freelance work in favor of the team environment that agencies provide.  I work with Shopify in addition to WordPress. You can see my resume here.

I love how web development provides a constant source of problems to solve and skills to learn.  I seek simplicity in my solutions whenever possible, but I also get excited when a project requires me to get a little fancy and push myself further.  I enjoy getting behind a person or business’s vision and devoting myself to helping them realize it. I strive to be a friendly face behind the code, and I’ve been able to work with many incredible entrepreneurs along the way.  You can see some of the clients and projects I’ve worked on here.

In addition to my actual development jobs, I love working with other women to help them get started in web development. I wrote a series for The Women’s Coding Collective called How to Become a Web Developer that has opened up many opportunities to answer questions and mentor women who are trying to figure out how to turn their new skills into paid work. You can read the series here.

When I’m not working, I’m probably hanging out with my family (we particularly enjoy hiking The Superior Hiking Trail) or reading (I aim for 52 books per year).  You are welcome to contact me here.